Picture: Proyecto Showroom.

Title pending (Place here your proposal, but before don’t forget to check what’s in your backpack).
Fundación –Colección EPPCI A.C. First residency program
San Miguel de Allende, México.


Our goal is to promote and spread the «exchange» of experiences between plastic and discursive production around contemporary art and culture in San Miguel de Allende. Fundación-Colección EPPCI A.C. - through Espacio así and in connection with Proyecto Showroom, initiated the project: Title pending (Place here your proposal, but before don’t forget to check what’s in your backpack), The first residency program aimed at authors, researchers, managers and other art workers established within or outside the country.

The main focus of this program arises from the need to understand a «context» from its own analysis and construction, starting from the conditions that define it.  Likewise, it is intended to operate from outside the centralized idea of «peripheral» and outside of any given categorization from the totalizing vision of the «market». That is, to understand any local context as a spot where it is possible - and necessary- to produce (not reproduce) knowledge.

This way we intend to -question and define a model of residence from by reviewing specifications and setting the parameters and interests that guide the production of each of the applicants, thus leading to the strengthening of a position and perspective «trans-disciplinarity».

The residency period is four weeks (to choose between october 5 and november 29) in which the author will have access to a room (single or shared as appropriate), bathroom and kitchen, as well as different areas of production at Espacio así and Proyecto Showroom (see below in this page for details) as well as ETCI Collection that includes a careful selection of books specialized in contemporary art, fanzines, artists books and texts from different exhibitions inside and outside the country.

During this same period some sessions of horizontal «dialogue» with guest authors will be agreed to meet and comment on production’s progress, with reference to the initial participation proposal. This is part of the «exchange» in goals of the residency program.

Applicants must send a PDF to: laexpendeduria@gmail.com CC: proyecto.showroom@gmail.com (Subject: Residence) with: (1) Applicant information: Name / Surname / Year and place of birth and residence / Profession and / or self-designation / contact. (2) Folder (Dossier) + Statement / pre-application. (3) Participation proposal: Texts, images, diagrams, etc. (4) Participation fee * (Only if selected).

The applications and folder reception closes at 23:59 hrs. On July 25th, 2015, and will deliberate on July 29th, 2015, the same day the results will be announced through this website. * The participation fee is around $285 dlls according to the model of residence agreed with the applicant.

* Apply to the residency program is free. Contact us.

Picture: Espacio así.


About Espacio así

About Proyecto Showroom

In order to promote collective access to files, the document and the memory of our city, we opened Espacio Asi, a crossed action draft formed by various working groups interested in making visible the multiple realities, actions and perceptions of those who integrate this context. We believe in information (in any form) as the means of generating shared spaces for research, discussion, publication and dissemination of new discourses.

Cri-Cri 06, Colonia Guadalupe, San Miguel de Allende 37710 México.


Proyecto Showroom es una iniciativa independiente de autogestíon, difusión y exposición de Arte Emergente en San Miguel de Allende que busca generar un diálogo directo entre artistas y coleccionistas sin intermediarios. La premisa básica del Proyecto es la libertad de producción sin necesidad del consentimiento y/o aprobación de cualquier clase de –lo que se llame a sí misma- autoridad en la materia. 

Privada de la Aurora 05, San Miguel de Allende 37700 México.


Associated projects:

La Expendeduría

La Expendeduría (2013) is an area of «self-management» interested in «production», «distribution» and «consumption» of the various contents that define the way we understand the new languages of contemporary culture; this through a monthly program that includes exhibitions, lectures, book presentations, film screenings, workshops, and links with other self-managed spaces, institutions, and local, national and international festivals. The goal is to jointly achieve public--authors and agreements on the parameters that define it.

Insurgentes 66, Centro Histórico, 37700, San Miguel de Allende México.



Dialogic:  Culture texts and contemporary art collection

The purpose of this collection is to spread (1) a selection of important texts for understanding and establishing parameters and criteria to guide the artistic and cultural production in a local context, and (2) documentation of dialogue (and disagreement) triggered through various actions at La Expendeduría.

This editorial space resonates with the idea that knowledge should start from the very conditions of each context and proposes dialogue as a generator of knowledge and human relations.


Editora de Textos (y Contextos) Creativos Independientes

ETCI is a «space» dedicated to the formation of new readers through selecting, editing and publishing projects located beyond the limits of the textual and the literary.

Assuming «creative production» as a semiotic process embodied by regulatory or created signs, and "reading" as a sensory process whose complexity goes beyond the strict alphabetic or phonetic decoding structures, the goal of this «space» is to go beyond literacy, and to stimulate the reader to «read» the world and to «build» it in a deeper way, to approach the book and perceive it as an object that triggers simultaneous realities in which we "read" ourselves –to create us -, and we «read» others –to recreate them as well-. And this way to reconfigure context and reality; a dialogue created from collective needs; an equitable dialogue between author and reader.

ETCI is a real context that proposes and integrates new realities. A space for editing and publishing printed "products" for new readers and new ways to read himself and others.

Insurgentes 66 (nivel 03), Centro Histórico, 37700 San Miguel de Allende México.


Images: Espacio así (1-10) - Proyecto Showroom (11-19)